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Freeola has thousands of free game tips and achievements for all formats including the Microsoft Xbox 360. The X-Box 360 is the first of the next-generation consoles to launch and combines high-end PC quality graphics with superb online gaming capabilites with Xbox Live! games (more about 360). We have the greatest achievements, tips and tip codes for Xbox360 games. If you know of any Xbox 360 tips that are missing from our site, you could win free games or anything you like from our great Gaming competition.

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Slender: The Arrival  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: Unlocks 'Cry Baby' Achievement.
When: During the game.
How: 1. Begin the prologue. Make your way to the house. Once there: find the flashlight, find the key, collect the page from the desk in Kate's room. 2.Once you hear the scream, you can exit the property through the gate that opens in the back yard (Note: you may pick up the Scrapbook Items in and around the house if you wish). 3. Follow the path. Keep an eye out for a small house that looks burnt (It should be somewhere along the trail). Once inside, explore until you see a small figure standing in the corner/against the wall, crying. 4. Approach the figure, and an image will flash on the screen. Your character will jump backwards, and the figure will have disappeared. 5. Quit to the main menu, and repeat steps 1-4 two more times.
Submitted By: OrangePython
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Duck Dynasty  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: True Duckman
When: During game
How: Shot each duck species
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Falling Skies: The Game  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: House Call
When: During game
How: Rescue the doctor in the "Medical Emergency" mission
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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The Legend of Korra  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: Down and Out
When: During game
How: Completed Chapter 1.
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Fifa 15  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: Toe Poke
When: During game
How: Score 1 goal with a Toe Poke
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Borderlands the Pre-Sequel  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: Side Quest Student
When: During game
How: Completed 30 side missions.
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Destiny  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: A Friend Indeed
When: During game
How: Resurrect 5 fallen players.
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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Forza Horizon 2  tips for Xbox 360
Cheat Effect: Welcome to Horizon Europe
When: During game
How: You arrive at the Horizon Festival in style
Submitted By: spoonbeast
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