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65,692 Game Tips & Trophies

Welcome to Freeola Tips & Trophies
The UK's best online tips and trophies database! We've got 65,692 FREE tips and trophy awards online on all formats for even the latest games! Search by game name or platform above, or add your own tips or trophies to be in with a chance of winning any game of your choice (worth up to 50) in our free competition!

What are Tips, Trophies and Achievements?
Tips are general in-game hints that help you progress, or find something that you would likely miss out on. These are more like helpful ideas during normal gameplay, whereas cheats are where you must enter a code - or where you do something that the normal gameplay would not usually allow.

Trophies are for PS3 games and Achievements are specifically for Xbox360 games. These are effectively tips that award you with something (trophies, awards or points) and are usually tied in with your online user profiles for PS3 and Xbox360.

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You could win any computer game of your choice or 30 to spend at Amazon, just by submitting some handy games tips & trophies to our system!

The Freeola moderators check the newly submitted game tips every day, and select a winner from our range of interactive sites to win any game up to the value of 50. It's entirely free to enter & easy to win.

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Need Some Help?!
Are you stuck on a particular part of a game? Are you just a little bit bored and want to unlock some new weapons, cars or whatnot? Are you just looking to chat with other gaming enthusiasts? If so, the interactive sites can help you out! We have a fantastic gaming network, offering bustling gaming forums, over 100,000 free game cheats, loads of walkthroughs, heaps of Tips & Trophies, free games up for grabs and loads more. Check out the Freeola Gaming page and see what tickles your fancy!

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Latest Gaming Prize Winners
1 Name: Edgy
Entry: Review Post
Prize: Amazon 30 Voucher
2 Name: dav2612
Entry: Review Post
Prize: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
3 Name: pb
Entry: Review Post
Prize: Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PC)
4 Name: Hannard
Entry: Review Post
Prize: Dark Souls 3 (Xbox One)
5 Name: Ghost Killer
Entry: Review Post
Prize: Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE (Wii U)
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