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Retro Game Tips For
"LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes"
(PlayStation 3)

This game is also available on Xbox 360, Wii and DS.

Retro Game Tips for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (PlayStation 3)
Achievement: Unlock trophies
During game finish tasks
Complete Hero (Platinum) Collected all of the Trophies
Theatrical Pursuits (Bronze) Complete story level 1
Harboring a Criminal (Bronze) Complete story level 2
Arkham Asylum Antics (Bronze) Complete story level 3
Asylum Assignment (Bronze) Complete story level 4
Chemical Crisis (Bronze) Complete story level 5
Chemical Signature (Bronze) Complete story level 6
Unwelcome Guests (Bronze) Complete story level 7
Destination Metropolis (Bronze) Complete story level 8
Research and Development (Bronze) Complete story level 9
Down to Earth (Bronze) Complete story level 10
Underground Retreat (Bronze) Complete story level 11
The Next President (Bronze) Complete story level 12
Core Instability (Bronze) Complete story level 13
Tower Defiance (Bronze) Complete story level 14
Heroes Unite (Bronze) Complete story level 15
City Slicker (Gold) Collect all the gold bricks (Single Player Only)
Halfway Through (Silver) Get 50% (Single Player Only)
The End (Gold) Get 100% (Single Player Only)
Extra! Extra! (Bronze) Collect all the red bricks (Single Player Only)
Test Hero (Silver) Test a custom character
Minikit Hero (Gold) Use all the Minikit vehicles
Team Building (Gold) Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)
Super Hero (Silver) Get Super Hero in all levels (Single Player Only)
My Hero (Silver) Rescue all Citizens in Peril (Single Player Only)
Dynamic Duo (Bronze) Play a level in co-op
Justice League (Silver) Unlock all Justice League characters (Single Player Only)
Toy Gotham (Bronze) Complete the Bonus level
Super-Villain (Silver) Unlock all the Bosses (Single Player Only)
Subway Hero (Bronze) Use the Gotham City Metro
Combo Hero (Bronze) Do a finishing move
The House of Luthor (Silver) Obtain more than 10,100,000,000 Studs (Single Player Only)
Girl Power (Silver) Unlock all female heroes and villains. (Single Player Only)
Inferior Machines (Bronze) With Brainiac, defeat any LexBot
It's A Bird.. It's A Plane.. (Bronze) Fly with Superman
Green Lantern's Light (Bronze) Defeat Sinestro as Green Lantern
Kal-El Last Son of Krypton (Bronze) Defeat Zod as Superman
Gorilla Thriller (Bronze) Climb to the top of Wayne tower while riding a Gorilla and playing as a female character
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