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Retro Game Tips For
"Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge"
(PlayStation 3)

This game is also available on Wii U and Xbox 360.

Retro Game Tips for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (PlayStation 3)
Achievement: Unlock trophies
During the game
Master of the Secret Arts (Platinum) Obtained all trophies
Falcon Dive (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Falcon Dive technique
Sliding (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Sliding technique
Flying Bird Flip (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Flying Bird Flip technique
Kunai Climb (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Kunai Climb technique
Wall Run (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Wall Run technique
Izuna Drop (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Izuna Drop technique
Obliteration Technique (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Obliteration Technique
Ultimate Technique (Bronze) Successfully mastered an Ultimate Technique
Ninpo Master (Bronze) Successfully mastered a Ninpo spell
Steel on Bone (Bronze) Successfully mastered the Steel on Bone technique
Bloody Rage (Bronze) Reached the maximum karma multiplier during Bloody Rage
Feat of a Hundred Slashes (Bronze) Achieved a 100-hit combo
Katana Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Katana
Dual Sword Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with Dual Swords
Falcon's Talons Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Falcon's Talons
Lunar Staff Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Lunar Staff
Kusari-gama Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Kusari-gama
Eclipse Scythe Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Eclipse Scythe
Fuma Kodachi Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Fuma Kodachi
Heavenly Dragon Master (Bronze) Defeated 1,000 enemies with the Heavenly Dragon
Shrouded Moon Master (Bronze) Defeated 1000 enemies with the Shrouded Moon
Crystal Skull (Silver) Cleared all Tests of Valor
Golden Scarab (Silver) Obtained all Golden Scarabs
Kunoichi (Bronze) Cleared all chapters with Ayane, Momiji, and Kasumi
You Got Skills (Silver) Unlocked all Ninja Skills for Hayabusa, Ayane, Momiji, Kasumi, and Unknown Ninja
Dark Savior (Bronze) Saved an ally
I Got Your Back (Bronze) Completed a Co-op Ninja Trial
Initiation (Bronze) Played a Clan Battle
Teamwork (Bronze) Won a Clan Battle
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