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Retro Game Tips For
"Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire"
(Game Boy Advance)

This game is also available on DS.

Retro Game Tips for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Game Boy Advance)
Achievement: Catch Rayquaza easily at 1hp without a master ball
After defeating the elite four
Beat the Elite Four and get something that can cure poison. Then train a Swellow to level 28 and it should learn Endeavour. Fly to Pacifidlog Town and put Swellow as your first pokemon. Surf right and let a Tentacool poison your Swellow. Switch to a strong pokemon and waste steps until your Swellow has 1hp left. Then use an item or a berry to cure the poison. Surf to sky pillar (up, right) and get to the top. Battle Rayquaza and as soon as it uses rest, switch to Swellow and use Endeavour. Rayquaza should be at 1hp. Switch back to your strong pokemon and throw an ultra ball. If Rayquaza uses rest again, repeat the process.
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Achievement: If you catch Minun in Pokemon Ruby, it makes it slightly easier to catch Plusle, too. If you catch PLUSLE in Pokemon Sapphire, it becomes easier to catch Minun, as well.
During the Game
Catch Plusle in Pokemon Sapphire, or catch Minun in Pokemon Ruby.
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