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Retro Game Tips For
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox and GBA.

Retro Game Tips for Driv3r (PlayStation 2)
Achievement: Battling Timmy Vermicellis
Take A Ride
Activate other cheats, such as Unlimited Ammo, All weapons, etc. If you find a Timmy, (choose whether you would prefer to use invincibility or not) duck behind a nearby wall. Don't aim for the head, because every round of bullets he ducks. Use the smallest gun, with high firepower.

An easier method would be to launch a grenade at an angle to a wall so that it would bounce off and explode near him. I myself have run over Timmys in boats, stabbed him with a forklift, pushed him off the top of a lighthouse, etc. Have fun killing the Timmys- If you shoot one stood in the water, when he dies he will swim away from you after you killed him.
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