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Retro Game Tips For
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This game is also available on PC.

Retro Game Tips for Quake 4 (Xbox 360)
Achievement: List of achievements
During game
Assassinate the Makron (0) Neutralize Strogg leader's communication system
Destroy Black Hole Generator (0) Close main hangar bay door and destroy the Black Hole Generator
Destroy Security Grid (0) Enter the security pyramid and destroy the security grid protecting the industrial region
Destroy Strogg Logistical Train (0) Destroy the Strogg logistical train and restore power to key warehouse components
Destroy Strogg Main Reactor (0) Infiltrate and destroy Strogg main reactor
Destroy the Big Gun (0) Destroy the Big Gun
Establish Communications (0) Establish a communication link to the command ship
Navigate the Mines (0) Navigate the mines to find a service entrance to the factory
Shut Down Processing Plant (0) Shut down all machines in the Strogg processing plant
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Achievement: Fast Weapon Achievement
During the game
After you finish with the last tower (the Data Processing Security tower) go to lift just right before the level exit and save the game. Keep this save game alive so you can farm this file.

Pick a weapon in your inventory and exit the level. Upon loading the next map, do not change your weapon and proceed to kill the big monkey strogg enemy before you approach the tram and exit this map.

Simply reload the save game from the Data Processing Security tower and repeat the tram map with each weapon and you'll bag all the achievements quickly.
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