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Retro Game Tips for Naruto: Clash of Ninja (Gamecube)
Achievement: It takes almost all of your opponent's life.
In the middle of battle, when your Chakra is full.
Play as Rock Lee and then get close to your opponent and press B(4) then imeditily Press A then run under your opponent 2 seconds before he hits the ground and press X.
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Achievement: Copy justu with Sharangun Kakashi
During the game
Press back+A as soon as they hit you with it, and he will do his own version.
Achievement: Unlock Rock Lee
During story mode
Beat the entire story mode without continues, and rock lee, and you will unlock him.
Achievement: Unlock Nine-Tail-Naruto
During One player
Once you've unlocked Rock Lee, beat one player without any continues with every character, and press X above Naruto to play as Nine Tailed Naruto
Achievement: Unlock Sharangun Kakashi (without his mask)
During one player
After you unlock nine tail Naruto, beat one player TWICE with every character, press X above Kakashi, and you will play as Sharangun Kakashi

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