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Sims 2: Pets Tips
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC, PS2, DS, GameCube, Wii.
Achievement: Buying a piano and playing it increases your mood (from what I've seen). In other words, it will make your sim happier, although, if you play it for a while, you'll have to go to the bathroom and become quiet hungry. The good thing is, your Sim is now happy(besides the other problems)!
At your Sims house
buying a piano
Achievement: Free food!
at home or... ummm... where the kennel is.
Walk up to a person/roomate (I'm not saying the roomate is NOT a person) who has food in their hand and stop to talk to them. They will set their food down. Stop talking and they will forget their food. Pick it up and ENJOY YOUR FREE HALF-EATEN BUT WHO CARES FOOD!!!

OR... Go to the "Place where the kennel is" and keep kicking the food or drink machine. This may not work, but if you stop and start over again it probably will. =) Have a good day!

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